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Corporate philosophy of the company


Corporate philosophy: innovation, transcendence, brand, responsibility

Innovation: continuous innovation, do the industry's best, the most optimal products, service to the society

Chaoyue: surmount dreams, surmount oneself, and make continuous efforts to further and better goals

Product brand: attach importance to brand, implement brand strategy, create national industrial fire brand

Responsibilities: To provide the best service to the community, customers and employees

Customer first: customers are the parents of food and clothing, respect others, smile service

Teamwork: share, ordinary people do extraordinary things, share success and happiness, share responsibility for difficulties

Embrace change: to embrace change, innovation, rational treatment, full communication, sincere cooperation

Honesty: Honesty and integrity. Speak up and practice. Honesty and integrity

Excitement: optimistic, never give up, constantly self-motivated, and strive to improve performance

Jingye: professional dedication, excellence, continuous learning, continuous improvement

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