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Analysis of the intelligent air conditioning thermostat market


Thermostats have been developing rapidly in the electronics industry for a long time.

Due to the flexible control of the regional air conditioning unit start and stop and indoor temperature, and can save building space and project cost, fan coil unit (FCU) plus fresh air conditioning system has always been the preferred semi-centralized air conditioning system type in guesthouse and office building with room rental as the main business.

The thermostat of room air conditioning is the key to control the cooling/heat supply of fan coil unit (FCU) at the end of the unit, and to realize temperature control and energy saving operation in separate rooms.


The general fan-coil air conditioning thermostat is basically an independent closed-loop temperature regulation system, which is mainly composed of a temperature sensor, a two-position controller, a temperature setting mechanism, a manual three-speed switch and a cold and hot switching device.

The control principle is the air conditioning temperature controller according to the temperature sensor measured room temperature and the set value of the comparison of the results of the dual control signal, control the cold and hot water circulation pipeline electric water valve (two or three valve) switch, that is, cut off and play the way of water circulation in the opening pipe, adjust the air temperature (cold supply).


The first generation of air conditioning temperature controller is mainly electrical products, the temperature sensor of the air conditioning temperature controller adopts bimetallic sheet or pneumatic temperature package, and the temperature is set by adjusting the preload force through the "given temperature plate". The fan three-speed switch and season switch are mechanical switches of splash-gear type.

This kind of air conditioning temperature controller products generally exist "temperature setting index value is too thick", "time constant is too big", "mechanical switch is easy to damage" and other problems.


The second generation of air conditioning temperature controller is an electronic product, the temperature sensor adopts thermistor or thermistor, the temperature setting and wind speed switch of some products realize the human-computer interaction interface through the touch key and the liquid crystal display screen, the cold and hot switch is automatically completed, and the operation amplifier circuit and the switch circuit realize the dual adjustment.

This kind of intelligent temperature controller has improved the human-computer interaction interface and solved the problems of "too coarse temperature setting index value", but there are still problems of "low control precision", "large time constant", "complex operation" and so on.


At present, domestic and foreign manufacturers are studying and developing the third generation of intelligent temperature controller of room temperature air conditioning. In response to the national policy, the manufacturers are applying new control models and numerical control chips to realize intelligent control.

Now domestic manufacturers have produced intelligent temperature controller of room temperature air conditioning, and it has been applied in practical projects.

This production led to the development of the electronics industry.

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